The ultimate Christmas gift guide for that 5 friends everyone has.

As Christmas approaches, the season of giving often brings about a period of unwarranted stress and anxiety when choosing the perfect Christmas gift for that one friend or loved one who already seem to have everything they need. The sheer volume of options presented to us online aren’t helpful too, and we always end up overthinking through our free time just to end up buying them something they might already have.

This year, it’s time to change up your routine and approach gift-giving with a strategy. Check out these ideas below for the ultimate Christmas gifting cheat sheet at Crate and Barrel.  

For the Cook

We all have that one friend who loves cooking up a storm. You can usually find them experimenting with the latest recipe in the kitchen, and you can literally never run out of things to eat when you’re at their house.
Nothing excites these group of people quite like a well-designed pan that’s easy to sear and sauté at high heat, or finding the right kitchen equipment that can allow them to lock in both moisture and flavor of their concoction to bring the best out of their dishes.

These are the friends whom we all can count on - regardless if we’re craving for a freshly baked roast chicken or a piping cup of hot chocolate with that extra sprinkle of mini marshmallows to add the cherry on top of a perfect dinner.

All-Clad Weeknight Pan with Lid - S$479.95 | Calphalon Signature 12" Round Grill Pan - S$159.95 | Tondo Servers Set of 2 - S$17.95 | Fido Jar w/Clamp - from S$12.95  |  Stitched Check Dish Towel - S$14.95

For the Entertainer

For the hosts, organising dinner parties, drinks and bites, or even a game night is their life's calling. They love filling the room up with guests and more importantly, the know the right cocktails to make and the perfect bottle of bubbly to pop open to celebrate the moment.

Every host needs the proper tool to mix up that cup of delicious cocktail that will become the talk of the party. Whether if it’s a classically styled cocktail shaker, a sophisticated ice bucket or matching wine glasses, these gorgeous barwares are perfect as gifts - something they’ll love to use and that will put a smile on their faces.

Hip Champagne Glass - S$13.95 | Hatch Ice Bucket - S$49.95 | Mini Cocktail | Shaker Shiny Stainless Steel - S$34.95 | French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler - S$49.95 | Stitched Check Dish Towel - S$14.95

For the Baker

Instead of buying more holiday gift clutter like ornaments or photo frames for these group of individuals, why not invest in a set of baking bowls or oven mitts - something your baker friend will always be in need of?

Forget about finding the perfect ratio or going through countless trials and error to get the right measurements. Here at Crate and Barrel, we have measuring cups, spoons or even magnetic measuring conversions to bring your friend or loved one is one-step closer to making sure their cake batter does not stick to the pan.


And, remember, baking gifts for your friends would mean more baked goodies for you too!

Christmas Tree Large Spatula - S$19.95 | Hayes Marble Board 13.5” - S$59.95
| Silicone Whisk Red 12" - S$17.95 | Baker Bowl Set of 5 - S$79.95 | Conversion Trivet - S$25.95 | Stitched Check Dish Towel - S$14.95

For the Host

Like they say - great food deserves even better serveware. Imagine stepping into a party and seeing an array of appetisers, cheeses and wines all laid out in front of you on a beautiful platter that can also double as a centerpiece - it doesn’t get any better than that.


Not only can you gift a platter, you can also throw in the set of cheese knives to either accompany the platter or serve as accessories for the buffet. Made in modern shapes and flat oval handles, these marbled cheese knives are specifically designed for cutting through all kinds of cheese - hard, soft or creamy.

Stitched Check Dish Towel - S$14.95 | Wood Marble Cheese Slicer - S$79.95
2 Tone Marble Board Large - S$54.95 | Rustic Handled Fruit Basket with Cloth Liner - S$74.95

For the Decorator

If you’ve a friend who is always the first to doll up their homes in festive Christmas accents or doesn’t mind splurging on expensive home decor, these Christmas ornaments will make the right gifts for them - also just in time to add the finishing touches to their already-filled Christmas tree.


Another way to brighten their homes would also be to present them a fresh bouquet of flowers, just like these babies from The Bloom Room. Adding flowers to any living space can also double as a mood-lifting decor, brightening up the room instantly with just a simple touch.

Do you see your friends in any of these categories? Whether if you’re looking at gifts for the cook, the entertainer, the host, the baker or the decorator, Crate and Barrel has got you covered, always.

Set of 10 Red and Green Ornaments - S$59.95 | Stitched Check Dish Towel - S$14.95 | Alpaca Santa - S$23.95 | Gold Glitter 3d Star Ornament - S$6.95
Dark Brown Reindeer Ornament with Sweater - S$14.95 | Pine Bough White Ball Ornament - S$16.95